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Top Three Reasons To Own A Pontoon Boat

Pontoon Boats#1. Room to have fun

On a pontoon boat there’s room for kids to play, climb on the couches, play games on the table, fish, ride the tube, etc. With little kids, there are just fewer “don’t go there” areas on the boat. They’re stable on the water and have high side rails so they feel more secure.

Older kids want to be with friends. Unlike traditional boats, which usually have limited seating capacities, pontoon boats commonly hold 10 or more passengers, so you get to spend time with your kids and get to know their friends as well.

#2. The Ultimate Fishing/Skiing Boat

A pontoon boat’s platform adds something to fishing and skiing that makes it an excellent ski boat and fishing boat.

For skiing, a pontoon boat fits as many people as you want to invite. For fishing, a pontoon boat has ample room to walk all around the boat to fish in different locations and is stable, so it doesn’t spook fish.

#3. Ease of Use/Maintenance

Pontoon boats sit high in the water and high on a trailer.

If you commonly boat at a lake or river with rocks or shallow areas, getting a hole in the hull is much less likely to happen, and usually cheaper to fix when it does (because you don’t have to fix the gel coat).

If you forget to trim up the engine when trailering, there’s usually so much clearance, you wouldn’t even come close to dragging your lower engine up the ramp.

And cleanup after an outing on the water is easy.

The ski boaters towel off their boats after every use, because water spots on the gel coat paint are very difficult to remove. Pontooners can just trailer and drive away!

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