Terms and Conditions

Muskoka Marinas Rental Policy


  • A 10% deposit is required 15 days from rental start date, a valid credit card must be provided at time of reservation to secure rental.
  • Rental agreements will only be made with persons a minimum of 25 years of age that hold a valid Drivers License.
  • All rental rates shown do not include HST tax of 13%, or fuel consumption, docking fees.


  • There will be no charge for any cancellation made in, which there is still 45 days outstanding prior to the beginning of the rental period.
  • A 30% cancellation fee is applicable to those that cancel within 15 days of their rental.
  • A 50% cancellation fee is charged to those that cancel within 7 days of their rental.
  • A 65% cancellation fee is charged to those that cancel within 3 days of their rental.
  • An 80% cancellation fee is charged to those that cancel within 24 hours of their rental.
  • Please note, we cannot control or be held responsible for weather conditions. We do not offer a refund policy due to weather conditions, whether it is in the duration of or prior to your rental period. Nevertheless, it is our goal to accommodate you as best as possible, our goal is always to leave you satisfied.
  • Cancellation percentage fee is based on the full term of the rental agreement per vessel in rental agreement / agreements.


  • Full payment is required upon the delivery of your watercraft.
  • All watercrafts require a Pre-Authorized damage deposit of $3000.00 that is to be signed at the time of the rental. The cardholder will be responsible for signing the contract, as well for all payment in full related to the rental including damages caused during rental contract period. Post rental inspection sheets not signed by cardholder of rental agreement will be responsible for discovered damages 30 days after rental agreement end date.


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